Careering towards a better life

‘Careering towards a better life’  Article on portfolio careers from the Sunday Business Post. Full article here. This article is based on a main area of my research and one that I passionately work in helping people achieve . I believe that alternative ways of working will continue to grow in demand, for a number of reasons. One demographic that are currently looking at opportunities is the Baby Boomer generation, for a few reasons, which include the following

1. They are approaching retirement with less money in their pots

2. Facing living longer

3. Wish to keep working longer for psychological reasons

4. Not reached potential in their current role

5. Realisation that their career is not meeting their goals or values

6. Lifestyle event

7. Redundancy or Early retirement

8. Financial Commitments

We also see Generation Y pushing this way of working as this younger generation are looking for better work life balance and are more open to flexible, consulting, freelance type of roles.

The career coaching model is changing to support this new way of working, this model is known as Protean careers…. further information to follow

If you are facing redundancy or early retirement and want to find out more about training or coaching for yourself or your organisation, then please contact Clare at

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