Time to Create

I read this blog recently and I thought it contained some very timely and good advice… I also shared it with a few others who are business owners and got the same positive feedback from it.

When a person sets up a new business or venture, there can be a lot of time spent on research, networking, meeting people, developing websites, social media strategy etc. These are all worthwhile and required activities, but sometimes we can spend too much time on these without actually moving our business on and selling our products. I agree with this blog in that we should create content and to do that I think we should really go back to our original business ideas and develop them. You will be informed from your learning, and can easily keep adapting and tweaking as you continue to learn and receive feedback. Once you have clear products to discuss the selling becomes easier… and if you are selling something you are passionate about, it becomes a joy to see your work out there in the world.

I thought I would share the blog in the hope it will inspire some others out there to get busy creating. I appreciate some of the reasons not to create can come from fear, self esteem issues or confidence. If your business is new or you are recently undertaking a new venture then maybe you may be on a transition for this change.  When people are going through a transition in any part of their life, I often use the Kubler-Ross change curve to demonstrate the emotions and challenges that transition can involve. See if any of the stages make sense to you? Being aware of the steps of transition can help you work through them and be more prepared for the emotional challenges the are part of any change. If any of these reasons are stopping you creating and developing your business, then you should reach out for support from your network or from your support group. If blog content is your challenge, there is plenty of inspiration online for creating content for blogs, see this for an example

For myself, I have been meaning to work harder on my own blog so I will take inspiration from this article and start creating content for my blog. To do this I have enlisted some help with improving the look of my blog so you should see some improvements over the next few weeks. My blog will include writing and insights from from my main areas of work which is Generational Diversity, Second Careers and Networking  so there will be a bit of back and forth on those subjects  I do also work in other areas of business psychology and there will be some blogs that are influenced by other projects and also from other readings and research I come across.

Best of luck with your own content creations



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