Diversity and Inclusion

Clare specialises in Diversity and Inclusion. She has extensive experience in working with organisations to help them work on their Diversity and Inclusion strategy. Her work in this area ranges from working on audits and diversity strategy, through to workshops on diversity and unconscious bias and one to on diversity leadership coaching.

Unconscious Bias and Inclusive Leadership workshops are hot topics for organisations. Diversity is now a given for organisations, but creating inclusive cultures can be more demanding as leaders need to challenge their unconscious thinking and heuristics. Being inclusive takes personal development and accountability along with motivation to challenge any existing biases. Clare runs informative and engaging workshops on Unconscious Bias and Inclusive Leadership. Clare uses neuro-psychology and cognitive psychology to help participants understand the science of biases and how the human brain works.

Clare has a research interest in age diversity and also regularly presents on the topic of generational diversity and works with organisations to help understand how they can create age friendly working practices for recruitment, retention and engagement